This is the beginnings of a 3D RPG based on Dark Dungeon source originally, but implementing OO classes under an Open Gaming License from Wizards Of The Coast. It's currently a hero (fighter/mage) controlled in the first person with a sword and crossbow, within a modified version of the Dark Dungeon level. It is inspired by Might & Magic:Dark Messiah gameplay, and draws on rules implemented in Planescape/Torment. The storyline is inspired by my travels of the Hajr Mountains in Oman.

I hope to publish the project source to assist with examples of 3D Commands.

Creator/s Edit

--GamePatternz 23:54, 2 October 2008 (UTC)

Commencement Date Edit

August 2008

Development State Edit

Experimental/Early Development

Completion Date Edit


Project Type Edit

Personal Use only

Project Plan Edit

As far as coding go's, the 'to do' list is as follows:
// 1. Rename project
// 2. Design RPG GUI (stats, helmview), F1 toggle HUD, view self (body check for damage/blood/inventory)
// 3. Build combat engine (leaping/spinning/charging/standing, mighty/sneaky/bauky/rapid, upper/mid/lower/limb, slash/chop/parry/thrust)
// 4. Attach sounds to objects and actions
// 5. Hide all objects not in LOS to improve performance
// 6. Try BSP level loading
// 7. Try terrain model loading
// 8. Populate data (damage, weight, HP, XP) for weapons, levels, spells and encounters
// 9. Incorporate Collision physics for weapons and thrown objects
// 10. Incorporate Particle physics for spells and dust/debris
// 11. Develop RPG engine
// 12. Build intro
// 13. Build action replay
// 14. Persist damage (cuts and arrows)
// 15. Allow retreat and flee
// 16. Build traps
// 17. Add to inventory
// 18. Add message box
// 19. Add joystick action
// 20. Add stability / balance / collision damage effects
// 21. Add changing facial textures on encounters
// 22. Add weapons and shields

Furthermore, I need to introduce some more appropriate (high poly) models than those provided with the Dark Dungeon sample.

Screen Shots Edit


--GamePatternz 23:38, 2 October 2008 (UTC)

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