This command can cause a sprite to expand or shrink unequally both horizontally and vertically.


void dbStretchSprite ( int iSprite, int iX, int iY )

This command allows you to expand or shrink a sprite by different scale values horizontally and vertically, unlike the dbScaleSprite function which performs the same function by the same scale in both directions. The scaling is performed on the sprite designated by iSprite and is based on the value 100. A value less than 100 shrinks the direction and a value greater than 100 expands it. iX is the horizontal scalling and iY is the vertical scaling.


dbStretchSprite ( 1, 50, 200);

The above code will cause sprite number 1 to shink horizontally to half its size (50/100 = 1/2) and to double vertically (200/100 = 2).

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