This command sets the display mode for the current program.


void dbSetDisplayMode ( int iWidth, int iHeight, int iDepth )


This command changes the display mode of the application to the specified mode. Here is an example of the command which sets the display mode to 640x480 resolution in 32-bit color:

dbSetDisplayMode ( 640, 480, 32 );

Though the application will not crash if the mode is unsupported, it is best to check for availability of the mode with the dbCheckDisplayMode function.

if ( dbCheckDisplayMode ( 800, 600, 32 ) )
    dbSetDisplayMode ( 800, 600, 32 );

Also, it is notable that this can be called anywhere in a program multiple times. For example:

dbSetDisplayMode ( 640, 480, 32 );

/*large amounts of code*/

dbSetDisplayMode ( 800, 600, 32 );

This is very useful for in-game display options.

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